Monday, August 1, 2011

Thanks to All for a Great Weekend in 3D!

Sybron Learning Center.jpg
Thanks to all who attended this past weekend's Live 3-D Dentistry Forum in Anaheim, CA. It was a great event featuring an actual live implant surgery where 3 implants were placed for a patient while we watched via a closed circuit video.
The event was held at the new Sybron Learning Center in Anaheim.  All I can say about the SLC is... Wow!  Sybron has built a truly "state of the art" facility.  The lectures that we did on Saturday were done in the auditorium (first photo above) which is totally digital with multiple screens and microphones built into the desks for the audience to ask questions.  But, as they say on TV, that's not all!  There is also a hands-on bench area with Kavo equipment (second photo above) and also an area with 5 dental units including a surgical suite.  This place is nothing short of amazing.
The Live 3-D Event was a 2 day symposium.  Friday featured an Ortho oriented theme with lectures by Dr. Sean Carlson, Dr. Stuart Frost, and Dr. John Graham.  Satuday consisted of 3 lectures (myself, Dr. Todd Engle, and Dr. Peter Moy).  Dr. Engle also performed the implant surgery showing how incorporating CBCT scanning can simplify the entire procedure, making it more predictable, faster, and with a better result for the patient.
I'd like to thank all of you who attended as well as Dr. Engle and Dr. Moy.  It was a great event with wonderful participants in a truly amazing facility.  Thanks to Imaging Sciences, Gendex, and Sybron for making it all happen.  You should be proud of what you accomplished!
If you have an opportunity to attend an event at SLC, don't pass it up.  I assure you it will be well worth  your time.

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