Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Samsung Brings the Galaxy S II to the U.S. Market


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We keep hearing the people describe the next great mobile phone as "The iPhone Killer".  I suppose that's what happens when, like Apple, everyone wants a slice of the pie that you have created.  Jobs & company managed to create the 800 pound gorilla of the smartphone market and, really, no one has challenged them since they brought the original iPhone to the market.
Frequent readers of this blog know that I don't have in iPhone and the longer I go without one, the more I become convinced that I can survive without one.
First things first.  I live in the Kansas City area which is the world headquarters of Sprint.  Because of my location I have quite a few Sprint employees as patients.  Since Sprint does not currently offer the iPhone, I feel that it is the right thing to do to support those who support me.  That means, even though I am the iPhone target market, I continue to be a Sprint customer and I, more often than not, carry their top of the line smart phone.
Up until last year, I knew I was always carrying an also ran device.  However, last October I decided to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy (for some reason, Sprint calls it the Epic, but even the splash screen says Galaxy).  It was my first Android device and I went into the experience with no pre-conceived notions.  I just wanted a reliable & intelligent smartphone.  From day one I was very impressed.  The  OS was stable, the phone worked well, and the app store had most of the apps I needed to run my life.  I wasn't quite the same as the iPhone, but it was close enough for me.
As I continued to use it, I became more and more impressed with it.  A slide-out keyboard made it easier for me to type.  A replaceable battery meant that on those occasions where I had used a lot of power, I could just throw in a new battery and continue  instead of trying like  heck to find an outlet.
Sure, it wasn't quite as slick or as elegant as the iPhone, but it did everything I wanted it to do and it let me keep my loyalty to Sprint.  However, let me stress that I really love this device.  Given the rumors swirling around the Internet that Sprint may soon get the iPhone... I'm just not convinced now that I'd make the jump.  I'm that impressed with my Samsung.
Now, Samsung has released in the U.S. (or at least announced the release in the U.S.) of the next generation of the Galaxy, the Galaxy S II.  This device has been selling like crazy all over the planet and is now poised to do the same here in the states.  The specs are amazing, although it is hard to compare to the next generation of iPhone since Apple always does such a good job of keeping all their info from the public.
However, you can rest assured that this phone will be amazing.  It's already sold over 5 million devices world wide.  Oh, and it will be available from Sprint on September 16 for $199 with a 2 year contract!


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