Friday, August 19, 2011

ResQMe Allows Trapped Drivers Safety from Seat Belts & Windows

ResQ Me.jpeg
In an emergency, your seat belt buckle may jam and you may be unable to open your car's window.  To help with that problem comes ResQMe.
This device functions as a keychain, but can be easily removed and used as a combination seatbelt cutting tool and center punch car window breaker.
This could very well be one of the best ways for a driver or a rescuer to remove someone... or themselves from a car.
It's amazing and affordable.  Get all the details from the company website!


  1. John - my husband I both carry these. Very portable and a great idea!

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  3. This could help much of the people in accidents, very nice development.

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  4. Very nice equipment, it's looks very small but after watching the video got to know that it's perform a bigger task's with easily.

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