Friday, August 26, 2011

OtterBox Utility Series Latch


I'm a fan of products from Otterbox.  The company has some really forward  thinking products... usually based on protecting your expensive electronic gadgets.
The company started in 1998 by designing cases for phones and PDA's (remember those?) that were waterproof.  As the success of the company's products grew, Otterbox expanded into providing all kinds of protective cases for all kinds of gadgets.  As a point of clarification, not all Otterbox products are waterproof. They currently make protective cases for tons of cool electronic gear.  I personally have a Defender model for my Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, and Samsung Galaxy.  These tough cases truly can take everything I dish out, and that means being dropped, shoved into backpacks, toted around in dental offices, and occasionally being beaten around in airport security.
However, this particular post isn't about a rigid plastic case that keeps your device from being destroyed.  No, it's about a way that might make the use of a tablet like the iPad or Xoom easier and/or more common in a healthcare environment.
Otterbox has developed a system called the "Utility Series Latch" which allows the owner to hang, handle, and deploy the tablet device in a variety of ways that you might not have considered.  I have a couple of photos above that show the system in action, but that is a small representation of what it will do for you.  Whether it's a strap that would allow the tablet to be displayed at various points in the treatment area or a true handle that would keep the device from being dropped while being carried or used, Otterbox has spent a good amount of time thinking of alternative ways to use tablets.
I don't know that dual monitor systems in dentistry will disappear anytime soon, but tablets are making inroads & are continuing to gain traction.  If I was someone looking to upgrade my treatment areas on a budget & didn't already  have a dual monitor system in place, I think you could definitely use something like this to allow tablets to "buy some time" until you could complete the operatory with dual monitors.  Heck, even if you have dual monitors already, using tablets can make sense for some things such as Lexicomp's suite of electronic references, patient entertainment, patient education like Guru, and other things.
The Utility Series Latch just makes sense.  Here's more info from the company website:
ƒ LATCH with ADJUSTABLE HANDSTRAP: The Latch fits onto an iPad by itself and when it is protected by the Defender Series® or Commuter Series® cases. The padded strap is adjustable for a comfortable fit on all hand sizes.ƒ
ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC STRAP: This wide elastic strap with heavy duty Velcro secures the iPad to your leg while sitting or kneeling on one leg. It is also doubles as a fixture for strapping the iPad to the back of a car seat headrest. ƒ
ACCESSORY STORAGE BAG: This versatile feature keeps all of your straps neatly stored in one place. It also doubles as a stand for the iPad.ƒ
ADJUSTABLE LANYARD: The lanyard attaches to the corners on the back of the Latch and can be adjusted to your desired length to hang the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation.ƒ
S-BINER UTILITY CLIP: Attach the clip to the loop strap on the back side of the Latch and then clip it to your belt to keep the iPad secure while you walk and maneuver between work sites.ƒ
SCREEN COVER: This lightweight cover provides momentary protection from the elements. This shield is not waterproof, but provides quick coverage from unexpected weather.


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