Monday, August 8, 2011

The long awaited successor to the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) is due out this fall.  Dubbed the PlayStation Vita, it should be available this fall with an expected price of $249.00 for a WiFi only model.
The amazing thing is that this handheld gaming system is almost as powerful as Sony's full sized PS3 system.  Packing that much horsepower into this small footprint is truly amazing!
The device has a touchscreen and also has an accelerometer which makes it motion sensitive.
It will let owners connect with other PS Vita owners via WiFi & wireless phone networks, but in the U.S. Sony will only be working with AT&T.  Of course, if you have a wireless hotspot or a wireless hotspot  phone, then you'll only ned the WiFi version no matter whose network you are on.  I bought a WiFi only iPad & use my Sprint Passport mobile hotspot to get a 4G connection when I'm on the go.
It will also sport front & rear facing cameras with a touchpad on the back to complement the touchscreen on the front.
It's definitely a step up from the PSP, which it will be replacing.  The cameras & touchscreen area a great addition and the price isn't bad either.
Anyone interested?

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