Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kerr SonicFill Evaluation is Complete - A Definite Game Changer


For about the past 5 months, I've been using/evaluating the Kerr SonicFill system.  In a nutshell, I'm endorsing the product with my highest recommendation.  If you've been looking for a way to streamline your composite procedures, look no further.  The investment in the system provides a fast ROI from tremendoulsy increased efficiency, lower doctor stress, and a  much faster appointment for the patient with outstandling clinical results.
Those of you who missed my original post on the subject can find it here. However, if you don't want to jump over & read the whole thing, here is a snippet from that post that gets to the heart of what SonicFill is and what it does:
SonicFill allows you to actually place composite. The idea is a nice merge of sonic technology and restorative placement.  The SonicFill handpiece has threads which engage & hold the cartridges that hold the composite.  The cartridges screw onto the handpiece and extrude the composite in a "butter like" consistency as pressure is applied to the rheostat.
Anyone who has ever placed composite knows how sticky the material can be and how difficult the process of placement can be as you fight to adapt the material to the preparation.  SonicFill does away with all of that by allowing the sonic energy to simply let the material flow into the preparation.  Kerr is estimating that this system will cut procedure time by almost 50%.  I've been using Sonic fill for about 2 weeks now and have come away impressed.  More impressed, in fact, than I have been with a new product in quite sometime.
As the 2011 dental show season kicks into gear, you owe it to yourself to get to the Kerr booth and try out this product.  I think it is that revolutionary.  I've had a hard time keeping this system to myself.  I'm glad that I can finally tell you about it.
I had a chance to tinker with some prototypes as the design process was underway, but didn't receive the actual production model until this spring.  I've been putting the SonicFill into heavy rotation in the practice ever since and have to say this device is impressive!!!
It performs as advertised.  By that I mean it easily and reliably dispenses the material which can then be easily sculpted and handled prior to polymerization.  We have been using the SonicFill with a variety of curing lights including the Kerr Demi Plus, the GC America Silverlight, the Dentlight, and the Ultradent VALO (both corded & cordless models) and have had no reports at all of post operative sensitivity.
Now, I must admit that I don't normaly get too many post operative sensitivity situations, but they do happen on occasion.  We are meticulous about the rubber dam & moisture control while also ensuring that our chemistry is fresh & our light output is high.  In using the SonicFill, the only variable we've introduced into our "curing equation" has been the use of the SonicFill itself and that means we have been doing those restorations with the recommended bulk curing.
OK, I know that many of you are picking yourselves up off the floor saying, "John you've always said that composite should be placed in 2mm increments, 3mm at the most.  What happened?"
Here's the deal: Because of the sonic energy that is applied to the composite, the material used is much more highly filled.  It would be difficult if not impossible to use a "gun type" delivery system and then get this highly filled resin out of the compule.  However, the SonicFill handpiece allows the delivery of this material in a very easy and efficient manner.  Since the material is so highly filled, it can be bulk cured with minimal polymerization shrinkage since there simply isnt much "space between the resin molecules".  The more highly filled a material is, the thicker it is, the harder it is to dispense, and the less it shrinks.  Once again, for the full scientific explanation of what it does and  how it works, read my original post on the subject.
Through the use of a highly filled and yet easy to place material, Kerr has created a material and delivery system that truly does allow for bulk fill/bulk cure.  We are curing, removing the Triodent V3 rings, and then curing from multiple directions with the aforementioned high intensity LED lights.  When using multiple cures from multiple angles, we are pausing a few seconds between each cure to allow heat to disipate from the tooth.
I'm now starting to see many of these restorations that have returned for recare and they look amazing.  SonicFill gets my highest recommendation.  You flat out owe it to yourself and your patients to evaluate the SonicFill system.



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  2. John,

    Does this only fit the Kavo coupler or will it work with other e-style electric handpiece couplers, like NSK/Brassler?

    Steven Bloom, DDS

  3. Steve, to the best of my knowledge, the company is making it compatible with other couplers, however I'm not *absolutely* sure on this.

    I'd ask your dealer about this. I'm sure they can tell you.