Monday, August 22, 2011

Kerr Continues Efforts to Improve/Invent Products

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I've been traveling a bit lately and that always affects my ability to post.


I've just returned from a couple of meetings.  The first of which was with Sybron Kerr.  The restorative company just completed their Roundtable meeting.  While i'm not a liberty to discuss what I saw or discussed at the meeting, suffice it to say that Kerr has some amazing things in the product pipeline that look to make the practice of dentistry easier while allowing us to provide better care for our patients.


They also reported that their SonicFill product has done extremely well and has received a tremendous response from the industry.  Almost 2 years in development, SonicFill is selling very well and the company is receiving great feedback from dentists using it.

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