Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google Attempting to Spur Tablet Apps with Workshops

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I mentioned on Saturday that Motorola has sold only 440K of the Xoom Android tablet.  As I'm sure  you remember, one of the reasons that I feel Android tablets are selling way less than the iPad is the fact that the just aren't a large number of apps available for the Android tablet market.
I think the OS for both Apple & Android perform well, but the real difference for Apple is the huge number of quality apps that Apple has had, pretty much since the day the iPad launched.  I mean, at last count the Android App Store featured just under 300 apps that were formatted for Honeycomb, which is the Android OS version for tablets.  I'm not sure how many iPad specific apps that Apple has in their app store, but I'd wager it's easily more than 75,000.
Well, to help with that problem, Google is now hosting workshops that are designed to help developers bring apps to the Android platform.  These workshops are being called ADLs (Android Developer Labs).  The whole point is to teach coders ways to get their apps up and running on the tablet interface.  So Google is hoping to spur development by helping the coders better cope with the Google environment.
Here is the info on how to become involved with one of the ADLs:

Android Developer Labs 2011


We in Android Developer Relations have been cooking up a rather special set of Android Developer Labs (ADLs) for the second half of 2011, and we’re ready to start the ball rolling.

Here’s the schedule. These are one-day events, so in Seattle and New York we’re running it twice for two audiences.

This ADL series isn’t another set of introduction-to-Android sessions, nor any other kind of general overview. It's specifically aimed at optimizing Android apps for tablets, in particular creating high-quality tablet apps with an emphasis on polish and user-experience.

Registration is a two-step process. Anyone can register, but we can only accommodate a relatively small number of attendees from among the registrants, based on whether they already have an Android app with the potential to be a top-tier tablet app in terms of quality, fit, and finish. The goal is to bring your app to the ADL, and leave equipped to make it into one that makes Android tablet users smile.

Do you think you qualify? Sign up and show us!

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