Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Curve Dental's New Web-based Digital Imaging Technology Poised to Change How Dentists Capture, Store and Access Patient Information

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Here is a cool bit of info that you will only be able to get from myself & my buddy Dr. Marty Jablow until later this evening.  The folks at Curve Dental who are the ones behind the "Fresh Web Based Alternative to Dental Software" want you to move to the cloud with your dental practice management software  One of the things that has been holding people back has been the lack of imaging in the Curve Hero software.  However, Curve has been hard at work developing an imaging platform for their product.
I first saw the imaging product at the Chicago MidWinter Meeting this past February.  Curve was actually sending images from a sensor over the web to the cloud through the browser.  I was amazed.
Then, in the past couple of months, they announced they had the technology to send a pan to the cloud.  Once again... impressive.
Now comes the following press release:
OREM, UT— Curve Dental, developers of Web-based dental software, announced the completion of new digital imaging features, which allow doctors and staff to capture x-ray and intraoral images directly to the cloud. The technology developed by Curve Dental, which is the first of its kind in dentistry, provides doctors with a digital imaging solution that is entirely web-based. Using the cloud to capture and store patient images eliminates the need for a server, affords unlimited storage and a proven backup and business continuity solution, and provides the dentist with access to the data from any computer with Internet access at anytime from anywhere.

“Our digital imaging features are revolutionary within the dental profession,” said Matt Dorey, Founder and Managing Director of Curve Dental. “With our software a doctor only needs a computer with Internet access and a browser to capture digital images. They don’t need a server, powerful and expensive hardware, nor do they need to worry about backups or space limitations. Moreover, our strategy is to allow doctors to connect any digital x-ray sensor, intraoral camera, or digital panoramic imaging system to our software, which is an advantage to the dentist because most dental professionals already have these types of digital devices in their practices. Switching to our software shouldn’t require the dentist to invest in new digital devices; that is our goal.”

Compatibility with as many different digital devices as possible is Curve Dental’s strategy. Currently the software is compatible with the Schick, Suni, Gendex, Eva, and Owandy digital x-ray sensors and will soon be compatible with the Kodak sensor. Additional compatibility will be added as quickly as possible. TWAIN-compatible intraoral cameras and panographs will connect directly with the software now, but may require the dentist to install additional drivers supplied by the manufacturer.

Curve Dental’s imaging software is native to its practice management software using a single database and set of code, which provides the doctor and staff with a consistent look and feel throughout the software. Native code also makes the software easier to learn and less demanding on a practice that must train new team members. A stand-alone version of the imaging software will also be available in the near future. “Because our imaging software is ‘native’ to our practice management software it is more efficient and more stable than an integrated or bridged solution,” says Dorey. “‘Integrated’ or ‘bridged’ solutions equate to separate databases, separate sources for technical support and two applications that may work and look differently from each other.”

Curve Dental recommends a DSL or faster Internet connection. “With digital imaging the user experience is enjoyable on almost any high-speed Internet connection,” says Dorey. “We focused our attention on processes and efficiencies to make sure the image could be compressed quickly, without changing or degrading quality, and uploaded to the cloud instantly. We’re happy with the results and our customers are finding the experience to be comparable to capturing and saving an image locally.”

Like the company’s practice management features the imaging features are sold on a subscription basis with an additional setup fee. Introductory pricing is being offered until the end of the year. Interested parties should call for additional information. Although Curve Dental has received FDA approval for US dentists, Health Canada approval is still pending. Canadian dentists are not able to use the imaging features yet.

About Curve Dental, Inc.

Founded in 2005, Curve Dental provides web-based dental software and related services to dental practices within the United States and Canada. The company is privately-held, headquartered in Orem, Utah with offices in Calgary, Canada and Dunedin, New Zealand. The company strives to make dental software less about computers and more about the user experience. Their creative thinking can be seen in the design of their software, that’s easy to use and Web-based. Dentists can call 888-910-4376 or visit for more information.


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