Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amazon Introduces Cloud Reader


Cloud Reader.JPG
I've got to hand it to Amazon.  They just keep pushing the limits.
They first shook things up with their Cloud Player, beating Apple & Google to the punch with online storage of your music collection.  Because of that, a larger & larger portion of my music now sits on Amazon's servers.
Now they have done the same with their KIndle Store & eReader.  The Amazon Cloud Reader stores your ebooks, allows you to read them, & remembers where you left off with them.
Why is this a big deal?  It circumvents the Apple App stranglehold.  Previously you needed an App to read & buy for your KIndle account if  you had an iPod.  That meant that any purchases had to go through Apple which resulted in a 30% charge that went straight to the iPad maker.
By making the Cloud Reader available through the browser, it makes the store & storage universally available through any browser whether the browser is on your iPad or your computer.
So Amazon has taught something to the brains at Cupertino.  That deserves at least this blog post!


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