Thursday, July 28, 2011

Technology for Medicine Now Exclusive Distributor of Fotona Lightwalker Lasers

In an interesting turn of events, Lares Research is no longer in the laser business.  After over 10 years of sellling lasers, Lares has decided to bow out.

I was expecting a press release which has yet to arrive, but i have the following info coroborated by 2 sources:

The Fotona line of lasers will now be exclusively distributed in the United States by Technology 4 Medicine in San Clemente, CA.

Lares will be involved as the importer, but will no longer be involved in sales or service.  Current Lares laser employees, including the sales staff, has been transitioned over to Tech 4 Med.

The Fotona Lightwalker lasers will be shown in the Tech 4 Med booth at the AGD meeting this weekend.

For the latest updates, check the website.


Here is some info about Technology 4 Medicine from the site:

Technology4Medicine continues to advance dentistry with the ever progressing capabilities of lasers and new photon technologies.  The applications for photons in medicine and health care can, and must be applied to improve the quality of life.  Lower cost, the reduced use of drugs, minimally invasive, non-invasive treatments, reduced or eliminated pain, and faster recovery, are all benefits that photon technology have brought to health care.  Photon technologies have just begun to realize their true potential in dentistry.  The avialable laser wavelengths, laser mediums, and characteristics contine to grow.  This is great news for both the providers and the patients.


Technology4Medicine brings many years of experience and leadershihp in the medical laser market.


Principal and founder of Technology 4 Medicine, Jeffrey Jones, is the former CEO of Biolase Technology, INC. (BLTI), former CEO of HGM Medical Lasers, and founder of The World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI).  With extensive industry experience in dentistry, ophthalmology, aesthetics, dermatology, ENT, general surgery, and other medical fields, T4Med can help dentists and other medical practitioners achieve their personal, clinical and financial goals.


  1. Hi, I don't believe in anonymous comments so I'll tell you that my name is Dr Bob Wade from West Des Moines, Iowa. I bought a Lightwalker AT last year at this time and received it in about April 2011. A few different problems to begin with that I chalked up to "the first car off the assembly line" theory. Last summer the laser began soon after I started it each time to give an error code that it couldn't sustain pressure and it shut down. Rebooting got me 3 - 5 more minutes. Darren from service is great, but with the change to T4MED it was just this last month that Darren himself came out and worked on the laser. Now better, but frequently shuts down in the middle of treatment. They have no idea what is happening and the manufacturer Fotona is not helping. I am stuck in the middle. I have been very patient knowing that change of company and all interferes with the process. I have now asked for a new laser as this has basically been unusable for most of the time that I have had it. I have gotten the response that I just need to wait until they find the answer to the problem, the "fix" , and then they will fix it. I spoke with Dr. Larry Kotlow and he has not had any problems with his.

    I was a great supporter of Lares for their service, I have told T4Med that I would like to be just as supportive of them but perhaps they are not hearing that so I'm here, doing what I hate for people to do complaining on the internet. I have a lightly used $50,000 coat hanger if anybody wants one. Truly, for the few minutes at a time that this works I like it a lot, but come on folks, I need a new laser here. Thanks for listening, you can reach me at KDZTTH@GMAIL.COM for any similar experiences or comments. If you have an opinion of this situation to share with the CEO Jeff Jones please email T4MED. Thanks again
    Dr. Bob Wade

  2. Hi, this is Dr Bob Wade again. Well I was very willing to blog about my problems with Tech4Med and my Lightwalker AT laser. It is ONLY FAIR that I tell all of you that since my last blog, Tech4Med has really gotten their service staff in place and is doing what I consider an excellent job of taking care of problems! My problem of my laser shutting off every few minutes is GONE! It was replaced by a small snag in the software that did stop it at times, but I could definitely use it as a laser and not a coat hanger! I can see that CEO Jeff Jones has decided to go into this thing full blast putting I'm sure a lot of cash out there to establish a good service reputation for the Lightwalker under his watch. Good going Mr. Jones.

    So impressed was I that I bought a new Lightwalker DT with onboard compressor and 10Watts of power. I have to thank Dick Linde formerly of Lares, currently in the sales department at Tech4med. He got the ball rolling and Darren Ketty the service manager for traveling to Iowa multiple times to get me up and going. In thanks I volunteered my office for training service staff as I have a couple of Fotona lasers and others.

    So if you are thinking of buying a Lightwalker laser, GO FOR IT! It is the most versitile laser available and has enough power to do what you need it to quickly and without pain. I am a pediatric dentist so I have to work fast. I have developed some good "tricks" to introduce the laser to children that I would be happy to share. I am eager for comradare from Lightwalker users that is begining with a Facebook page for us. As a final word, again I will tell you that Tech4Med has dedicated themselves to service by establishing a travel squad of technicians to keep your Lightwalker up and running. They have been very responsive to service needs and they are being quite reasonable in consumable prices.

    GO TECH4MED!!!!!

    Dr. Bob Wade, West Des Moines, Iowa KDZTTH@GMAIL.COM