Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Otterbox Defender for Motorola Xoom


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As I prepared to write my article on tablets for DPR this spring, I decided to by a Motorola Xoom so that I could have personal experience with both the iPad and an Android tablet.
The Xoom was the first device on the market running Android Honeycomb which is the first generation of the Android operating system specifically designed for the tablet format that is hoping to compete with the iPad.
Like the iPad, the Xoom is not an inexpensive device and when you plunk down between $600-800 for a table t device you want to make sure it's protected right?  Right?  I thought so.
To ensure that the Xoom didn't get scratched, dented, or broken, I made sure it was protected by the Otterbox Defender.  I've been a big fan of Otterbox products for a while now.  They basically seal your device inside a polycarbonate shell that protects it and cushions it in case of a drop.
Here are some of the specs from the Otterbox website:



The OtterBox Defender Series offers an exclusive multi-layer design that keeps information and investments safe. No other case can withstand this degree of rough treatment. The Defender Series provides superior protection for a smartphone allowing complete interaction through the case.


ƒ OtterBox MOT2-XOOM1 accommodates Motorola XOOM tablets

ƒ Inner Layer: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell

ƒ Outer Layer: Durable silicone skin

ƒ Foam interior cushions XOOM inside case

ƒ Easy access to Motorola dock and speaker dock through case

ƒ Quick access to micro USB, HDMI and charge port through small door on outer layer

ƒ Two defined angles in shield stand for handy typing or media viewing

ƒ Absorption properties of the silicone outer layer have been enhanced with our patented inner coring design for increased impact resistance


I currently am using an Otterbox for my Samsung Epic phone, my iPad 1, and the aforementioned Motorola Xoom.  All have performed well and come with my highest recommendation.  If you are looking for a way to protect your devices, choose Otterbox.  I won't buy anything else.


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