Saturday, July 30, 2011

Motorola Xoom Sales Not Nearly Good Enough


Motorola has released their quartely statement, and it seems that their flagship tablet, the Xoom (which I own), is not doing well... at all.
The company stated they sold 11 million devices that are mobile, but only 440,000 were Xoom tablets.  That's a scary bad number.
As I stated, I am a Xoom owner and I really do like the tablet.  I'm also an iPad 1 owner and I like that device as well,  However, the Xoom... with its tight integration to my Google contacts & calendar is easier for me to use "on the fly" since I don't need to view my calendar on a browser (as I do on the iPad) and my contacts synch on the fly, without having to connect it to my Mac.
However, for advanced uses, meaning apps, there is no comparison.  The Apple App Store completely blows Android out of the water.  I love the way the Xoom does the basic functions, but when it comes to most of the other things that are great to do with tablets, Apple leads... and by far.
In my opinion, this is a two fold problem.  1. Google needs to definitely improve the quality and quantity of the Apps it offers.  2. Motorola needs to market the Xoom in a better manner.  Many people don't even know the device exists.

Here are the highlights of the quarterly statement:

July 28, 2011

Second Quarter Financial Highlights


  • Net revenues of $3.3 billion, up 28 percent from second quarter 2010
  • GAAP net loss of .19 per share compared to net earnings of .27 per share in second quarter 2010
  • Non-GAAP earnings of .09 per share compared to .30 loss in second quarter 2010
  • Mobile Devices revenues of $2.4 billion, up 41 percent from second quarter 2010; GAAP operating loss of $85 million; non-GAAP operating loss of $31 million
  • Shipped 11.0 million mobile devices, including 4.4 million smartphones and 440,000 tablets
  • Home revenues of $907 million, up 2 percent from second quarter 2010; GAAP operating earnings of $62 million; non-GAAP operating earnings of $90 million


Click here for printable press release and financial tables.

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