Thursday, July 14, 2011

Live 3D Dentistry Forum July 29-30, 2011


In a little over a week, doctors from all over the country will arrive in Anaheim, CA to learn more about the ever expanding knowledge base generated by 3D Volumetric Imaging.
As someone who has used 3D imaging in my practice for a few years now, I can attest to the amazing amounts of information it can provide.  Treatment is easier and more predictable when you have a true 3D image of your patient.
If you are a 3D owner and want to get more out of your system or if you are a doctor who sees the benefits of 3D and are looking for more information on your journey to cone beam ownership then this weekend is an event  you won't want to miss.  Day One is dedicated to Orthodontics while Day Two is dedicated to Implants.
I'll be moderating the Saturday session and can promise you that there will be tons of good information including a live surgery by Dr Todd Engle
Here is a listing of what you can expect:

· A one day workshop, lectures and demonstrations of real 3-D imaging applications in dentistry
· An excellent education opportunity on how to optimize your treatment using 3-D imaging
· 8 CE Continuing Education Credits
· Socializing and networking with colleagues

· Why 3-D in Your Practice
· Three-Dimensional Orthodontics: Applications and Benefits of Using 3-D Imaging
· Covering 3-D Imaging for Sinus Evaluation, TMJ and Airway
· Many Case Examples and Case Presentations
· Live 3-D Scans and Full Orthodontic Diagnostic Work-Up Performed by a CA Board Certified Orthodontist

· Why 3-D in Your Practice?
· Surgical Predictability and 3-D Treatment Planning for Implants & Oral Surgery
· 3-D Dentistry: Technology Integration and Future 3-D Applications
· Featuring Many Real-Life Case Examples: Before & After 3-D
· Live 3-D Scans and Implant Placement Procedure Performed by a CA Board Certified Dentist

- $195.00 for each session

- 8 CE credits per day


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