Friday, July 29, 2011

Automating One More Link in the Backup Chain with Liptak Dental

Starting the first of next week, I'm going to be installing a backup device & service from Liptak Dental.


In a nutshell, the process involves installing a special backup device, which is a portable hard drive.  This device then automatically and routinely backsup your data onsite as well as sending the backup to the cloud.  Both backups keep multiple copies so that if you suffer data corruption you can basically look back through the backups until you find one that was done before the problem occurred.


The backups are also monitored daily.  That means that if something fails to happen the way it should, you get a call from the company and they will help you solve the problem.


With a service that is geared to the dental environment, HIPPA secure, automated, and easy to install, I'm excited to be giving this a try.  I'll report back with updates on how the install went and how it works.

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