Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazon Takes Cloud Player to Unlimited Storage

As an Amazon customer, I purchase a lot of things through the online retailer. As I've blogged here before, when Amazon opened their music download service/store I was an immediate fan because the songs were sold in MP3 format & not in a proprietary and encrypted format. This was what I really wanted... not so I could share the songs illegally, but so I could play them anywhere on any device I own (and as a geek, I've got a few devices!)

Recently Amazon brought their Cloud Drive service to market so that you didn't even need to download the songs... you can just play them with any device that has an Internet connection. The only drawback was that storage was limited, but not anymore!

I received an email informing me that all paid Cloud Drive subscriptions have unlimited storage. Now you can truly take your music collection to the cloud!

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