Monday, June 20, 2011

Panasonic Creates Toughbook Android Tablet

For years, Panasonic has been famous for their Toughbook line of nearly indestructible notebook computers. Now with the surge in people using tablet devices, Panasonic has created an Android based device that is designed to take a beating on a regular basis.

There are not many details yet available on this device, but instead of being a touchscreen like other tablet/slate devices, this one will be run with a stylus which should help since this type of device is designed to be used in areas where thick gloves and other protective gear may be the norm. It also will have an XGA display instead of the glossy types we are used to seeing. Panasonic is doing this to improve viewing in areas of bright sunlight since these devices will also see frequent use in the great outdoors.

Potential time to market is fourth quarter with no word on pricing.

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