Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orascoptic Freedom now in Full On Testing


Freedom Side _6_2.jpg
It is with great  pleasure that i announce the arrival of my Orascoptic Freedom LED light system.
For years I have worn the most powerful Orascoptic surgical telescope setup.   It's composed of 4.8 TTL (thru the lens) mounted telescopes.  As you go up in magnification, the amount of ambient light that reaches the eyes is decreased, so auxiliary lighting becomes very important.
Up to this point, I've used auxiliary lighting systems that functioned well, but required a battery pack that I had to carry somewhere on me.  Usually it was in a pocket of my S.C.R.U.B.S. cargo pants, but I know for a lot of you, it is something you carry on your waistband which isn't the most comfortable solution.  Now the Orascoptic Freedom can change all that.
This is the first device where the batteries are actually part of the glasses. The paddles over the ear pieces pictured above are the batteries that power the system.  The weight of the batteries also helps take the weight of the telescopes off of the nose.
I'm excited to be putting these through clinical testing.  I'll be reporting back as things progress
Here are details from Orascoptic:


  • Increase Productivity or Reduce Frustration, why not have both? - Lightweight battery pods that connect to the temple arms of the loupe, eliminating the heavy and/or cumbersome belt-packs employed by traditional LED systems.  Additionally the temple arm-mounted battery pods eliminate the issue with traditional long dangling electrical cords that are prone to getting caught on chairs, doorknobs, and cabinets in the dental office.


  • Security in keeping it Simple - A robust yet innovatively simple universal mounting clip securely fastens the lightweight headlight to virtually any TTL loupe on the market.


  • Unparalleled Usability, Confident Clean-ability - Innovative capacitive touch technology eliminates the need for any buttons, knobs, or switches, but more importantly allows the practitioner to control/set the light intensity while holding instruments in both hands.  Capacitive touch also eliminates bacteria traps associated with traditional light system controls, making the Freedom easy sanitize and maintain.


  • Better Comfort & Balance = Less Fatigue - Unique weight-neutralizing counter-balance between the battery pods and the headlight.  Weight disbursement can be customized to relieve the forward pressure on the nose from the magnification / oculars in your loupe.


Freedom is both convenient and powerful, providing illumination intensity settings from 1,000 to 4,000 foot candles.  Orascoptic Freedom will enable better clinical outcomes for you through superior visualization, and ultimately your patients, through optimal illuminationunleashed.



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