Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orascoptic Freedom Light System - Review


Freedom Side _6_2.jpg
Well, this is one of the shortest times I've spent with a product before I could write the review.
The Freedom is light and incredibly well balanced.  It took a tad of getting used to because I practice wearing a KC Royals hat... everyday.  The hat was bumping the arms a bit and causing some jiggle, but I've learned how to work around that.  If you aren't spending all day in a baseball hat, I don't think it will be concern.  Since the batteries are located in the "paddles" at the end of the earpieces, the battery weight helps take weight off of the nose, using the ear as a fulcrum.  It works very well and makes the glasses seem lighter than they really are.
I'm practicing in 4.8x which is the largest magnification that Orascoptic offers and the difference between my old scopes and these is readily  noticeable.
LIght intensity of 4000 foot candles is more than enough to illuminate the field.  Battery life of all day on a single charge has not been a problem.  I've actually gotten about 1.5 days on a charge just by shutting the light off between procedures... and this is on busy days.
Capacitive Touch Control that is mounted on the headband allows me to turn the light off & on as well as varying the intensity between 3 different levels.  It is easy to use and helps prevent cross contamination since I can touch it with the back of my glove.
Add the above features with the fact that it is cordless, and Orascoptic has come up with a winner.  I've been advocating auxiliary lighting for over 10 years now and I've seen this technology evolve over time.  This is another step in the right direction as far as convenience and quality are concerned.  Congratulations to Orascoptic on a job well done.


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