Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Liptak Backup Trial Beginning Soon

Today, I spent some time on the phone with Paul  Hinman, the President of Liptak Dental Sevices.  They are a dental only IT company that has created a rather unique backup system.


It is composed of an onsite Linux powered backup hard drive that creates a mirrored backup of your server several times throughout the day.  This info is also sent out "to the cloud" to provide a secondary mirrored backup on a secure server that is housed in a secure offsite location.  The backups are routinely checked for consistency and you are alerted if anything goes wrong.


Paul was so convincing, I've agreed to try the system out for myself.  Once the hardware arrives, I'll be blogging about how it's going and how it works on a regular basis.  Stay tuned for all the updates.


For more info on the service, click here.

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