Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kno Textbook App for iPad

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While many of us love to read books on Kindles, Nooks, and tablet devices, we've been  more or less forced to read what the sellers in our respective online stores will sell us.  Not that I'm complaining, but what I mean by that comment is that if I have a Kindle, I can only read what Amazon has in the Kindle store, etc.
Now in most instances, this is great.  If you read for pleasure or personal growth, the device stores has more titles than you could consume in a lifetime.
Oh, and I *love* being able to read a book on my Kindle, my Xoom, and/or my iPad.  It's a great way to read and I love being able to highlight, make notes, dog ear pages, and all the other fun stuff you can do.
The only real drawback?  You can't read textbooks.  That can be a pain to those of us who are professionals and continue to use textbooks as reference materials.
Well, that is now changing thanks to Kno.  The concept is a nice one.  Kno is an app for the iPad and also an online store with over 70,000 (yes... 70,000) textbooks.  Just download and install the app from the Apple App Store, go to the store, buy your textbook, and start reading.
While I haven't had a chance to review the store... yet, you can bet I will be doing so in the near future.  I'm already lightening my load by letting Lexicomp put 15 drug and medical reference textbooks on my Xoom and iPad. Soon, I may also be carrying a huge reference library of my favorite textbooks courtesy of Kno. Check them out and then post a comment!

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  1. Great Ap for textbooks-Wondering if you would know of any textbooks for dental technicians available for the IPAD? Please email me if you do! Thanks!!