Wednesday, June 1, 2011

iCloud is Coming!

Every June for the last few years, Apple has announced the latest iPhone.  This year, that won't be the case as it looks like the iPhone 5 announcement won't come until late summer at the earliest.
So... in order to stop speculation on next weeks announcement at the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple did something today that they don't normally do... namely the told, in advance, what one of the big announcements will be.
It's iCloud, Apple's online music repository.  About 2 years ago, Apple bought online music service LaLa and promptly shut it down.  Since then there has been speculation about a cloud type service for iTunes customers.  Now we've already seen a service like that from Amazon and one has been rumored by Google.
Apple is mum on exactly what the service will do, preferring instead to let people speculate and let the drama build until next week.  Knowing Jobs & company, it will be a better service than what Amazon is already offering (Apple hates to be a me to company), so I'm intrigued to see what this means for my music...

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