Thursday, June 2, 2011

HPV Now Being Tracked to Throat Cancer in Males

There has been an increasing number of throat cancers in the US; that fact is not up for debate.


Just this year I was talking with an oral surgeon friend of mine who told me he was shocked that he has been involved with the treatment of about 1 case per month for the last several years and before that, it was a much more rare occurrence.


A lot of us in dentistry are doing routine oral cancer screenings in our offices, but it is difficult to see very far down the patient's throat.  While cancers in the pharynx and tonsilar pillars can usually be seen during a visual examination, often they are not or are too far down the throat to be identified visually.


Now comes word that this increase, like the overall increase in oral cancers in 18-25 year old patients, may be linked to the human papilloma virus.


A tip of the electron to Mike Ventriello for this info.  Here is a link to the story that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.


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