Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sirius XM Channel Switch Goes Well

Today was the day of the big "channel switch" where Sirius XM Radio put their channels into different positions on the "dial" in hopes of making their lineup easier for subscribers to understand & easier for them to find new music.

I've got to admit that at first I was a bit nervous. My XM in my SUV has been programmed with buttons set for my favorite stations for over 18 months. I certainly didn't look forward to having to do a bunch of reprogramming... especially in my vehicle.

So... I was happily surprised this morning (the first day of the switch) to discover that all my presets still worked. They were simply redirected to the new place on the dial where my favorite stations resided. Brilliant!

Basically the channel change was seamless on my part. As far as I'm concerned nothing had to be changed at all.

Of course, my radio may be in the minority. I'd love to have comments from all of you that are subscribers to see how your switch went.

As for me, I've got to say that this was a pretty painless process. And you know we dentists LOVE painless.

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