Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google Announces "Ice Cream Sandwich" for Android Smartphones

You've got to give credit to Google, they just keep plugging along making improvements to this animal they've created called Android.

First they developed the Android OS that powered a new generation of smartphones. This OS has been upgraded and continues to be improved upon.

Next, they decided to go after some of the lucrative slate/tablet market and designed an Android OS dubbed Honeycomb that ran on slates and made the Android experience even better. Honeycomb isn't just Android running on a device with a bigger screen, it's a whole different version of Android with some unique bells & whistles that makes the slate experience different and, in my opinion, better than that of using my Android phone.

Now, from the Google I/O Developer Conference, comes word of a new version of Android for smartphones dubbed "Ice Cream Sandwich". The idea? Bring features of the advanced Honeycomb OS to the smartphone market.

A few of these features are:
1. Enhanced multitasking
2. USB device connection (think game controllers & mice)
3. Honeycomb's holographic user interface

Of course that's just the beginning. Now, not all of the sweet Honeycomb features will work as well or be as necessary on a phone, but some of them could truly change your user experience. I've been very impressed with the multitasking of my Motorola Xoom tablet and would welcome that feature on my phone.

As things progress, we could see some real enhancements.

Of course this will also put pressure on Apple to improve and upgrade iOS. In the end this will mean the consumer will be the winner no matter which OS you are using. I like it when we all win!!!

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