Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Disaster of Joplin - One Dentist's Perspective

When I was a child I had a fairly nasty temper.  Easily frustrated, I was known to let things bother me and to blow up on a regular basis.  My grandmother, a sweet lady about whom I can truly say I never saw her lose her temper used to tell me, "Honey, count your blessings."  I never knew what that meant... until I grew up and had a much different perspective on life.  By the time I figured that out, my dear grandmother had long ago left this world.
The point of that paragraph?  We all have problems, and some of us have some substantial ones.  However, the next time you are feeling like yours are the worst ones in the world, remember or revisit this post.  I think it will put some things in perspective.
On Sunday, May 22, 2011 a massive EF5 Tornado hit the town of Joplin, MO.  By now you've heard the stories of hope and the stories of tragedy.  My heart goes out to those affected by this disaster.  Joplin is not that far from the KC area and the feeling I get from those I speak with here is a sense of community with Joplin.  Many feel that just a little change in the path of the storm and it could have been us.
Anyway, I have a couple of good friends who practice in the joplin area.  I'm relieved to report that Dr. Ed McAllister & his family are fine, but his office no longer exists & his home has suffered severe damage.  Dr. Charles McGinty & family are also fine, his home suffered no damage, but his office was destroyed.
Dr. McGinty is a good man.  He is very active in organized dentistry in our state and has served as a mentor for me in my time in organized dentistry.  He has bravely shared photos of what is left of his office.
Donations can be given online or through a check made to MDAF Joplin Disaster Relief Fund. You also may donate by calling the MDA office at 800-688-1907.

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