Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazon Cloud Player Working Well, Even on my Android

I wrote a few weeks back about the Amazon Cloud Player and how I was now using it.  I continue to be impressed with the system.

As of late, I've even taken to connecting my Samsung Epic through my Tahoe's audio system and played the streaming service as I've driven around town.  Now granted I'm in the home of Sprint and my 4G connection on the Epic is a good one.  However, there are lots of points across the Internet that could cause a lag or even worse and I've yet to see it.

The connection is maintained and the music plays flawlessly.  Now I don't buy all my music from Amazon so I don't have a reason to remove all the music files from my phone, but if things continue like this, I can see a good reason not to have to carry a music device at all.

Now comes word that the service even has integration with iOS.  I've yet to give that a try, but I'm hearing good things about it.  This will continue to be an interesting thread as both Apple and Google get involved.  Stay tuned!

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