Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thanks to Goetze and MidWest... and Why It's Good to Have Friends

You know, sometimes it pays to have friends. For the past 10-12 months I've been working with the Stylus ATC from Midwest. I've been very impressed with the system. So much so that the latest article I have in this issue of Dental Products Report is about this system and the Azenic disposable handpiece.

I've been pushing the Stylus to its limits for the past several months and I've really grown dependent on it to help me do better dentistry. So you can imagine my dismay when yesterday I sat down and the handpeice would barely turn and certainly had no torque.

I routinely work with 2 high speed handpieces for any procedure, so I wasn't really limited in my ability to practice. I could just pick up the second handpiece and go to work. However, I really like the Stylus and I wanted it back as soon as possible.

I checked the airlines and could see no reason for the low power. I even had my Goetze Dental rep Gene take a look and he was at a loss as well. I decided to put a service call into Goetze so that a technician could get the Stylus repaired. However, Gene suggested we call the local Midwest rep, Angie. Gene, being a professional, had Angie's number in his cell.

This is where the luck part comes in. About an hour after Gene left a voicemail for her, Angie called me. This week she's been traveling with one of the engineers who helped design the Stylus. They arranged to come by the office on Wednesday morning and take a look at it.

It took all of 2 minutes for them to determine that the electronic "brain" that runs the Stylus had lost power. Somehow the power supply to the controller had become unplugged and when that happened, the device couldn't function. I was back online immediately.

So hats off to Goetze and Midwest. Everything is working as it is supposed to. It's good to have friends that provide this kind of customer service!

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