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Learn About Dental Ozone in Upland, California

One of the really great things about writing and lecturing is all the great people I get to meet.  The travel is exciting at first... for about the first 15 minutes.  After that, it's really not that exciting.  Oh, the stories I could tell of being stuck with no way home & surviving on a Butterfinger (true story).  However, whining is not the point of today's post.


No, today's post is about ozone and one of my dearest friends, Dr. Bill Domb.  He is an amazingly bright fellow.  He's actually what I call a "renaissance man" and that's just about the highest compliment that I can give.  He's a tremendous outside the box thinker and also a really big giver of his time.  So... when Bill hosts an event you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Here's the latest from the wizard of Upland:


US Pathfinders Intro­Basic Ozone Course— APRIL 29­30, 2011

To all who have expressed interest in learning about the multitudinous uses of ozone in its many forms in dentistry, we are planning another two­day program: [ If you have someone new who needs the program, have them email me at The Next Basic courses will be: July 29­30; Oct 21­22.]

April 29­30 (Fri/Sat) 18 hr. CE credit.

8:30 AM to 4­ish on Friday. Zorbing. Group dinner. Then 8:30 AM to 5­ish on Saturday. This is a limited­enrollment program. The maximum number of new kits will be 12.Our objective is to have participants go home with a complete functioning ozone system ready to rock n roll on Monday morning.

This will be a primarily practical, not heavily theoretical course. Teaching and terminology level appropriate to docs and staff.

Sit­down lecture/dialogue time of the course will be around 5 hours. The rest is more practical and hands­on. Participants will, in advance, receive a three­DVD program from Julian Holmes giving more of the research underpinnings and an overview of ozone technology and applications. Also a disc of MP3 audios from a lecture by Eddie Lynch at Bertolotti’s seminar in Yosemite. Eddie and Julian wrote the book Ozone in Dentistry.It is expected that this series will be viewed at least once BEFORE coming to the practical program. Be sure to send me a snail address when you respond.

We may also be providing some preliminary online study that all will need to complete before coming to the course. This will help eliminate the difficulties of information overload.

The rest of the time will be spent actually putting together and using the ozone systems that you will take home. This will be a LIVE PATIENT PROGRAM. That means participants will observe and practice a variety of procedures such as desensitization, ozonation of caries, anesthetic reversal, treatment of perio, as well as bleaching and injections into soft tissue.

Cost: $4563 includes course and the full ozone generator system. Costs are for all hardware and course for one doc

and one staff member. Additional staff from the same office will be $563 each.Includes protocols manual, lunches, dinner on Friday night. Additional doctor FROM THE SAME OFFICE WILL BE $3357 (no kit).

You are encouraged to bring more staff/hygienists.That can really help your office get fully up to speed. We will limit the total number of people at the course, so if you are going to register staff, do it early! We stronglyencourage having at least some of your core staff, hygiene and assistants, at the course WITH you so they can be fully on board and not start off limping with the dentist having to be the implementer and instructor.

Committed and very experienced instructors are Mark Weiser, Eric Zaremski, Matt Menasco and Cris Duval. A key part of the process has Cris working specifically with staffers on the very practical applications of ozone water, gas and oils.

The whole program has minimally interventive dentistry at its core, and we talk quite a bit about all the other parts of dentistry that interdigitate with ozone. We believe they're inseparable.

CE credit 18 hrs. accepted for AGD renewal.

We are hoping that by this Basic Course our custom designed and built ozone generator system will be completed.It will have a crystal glass tube, be calibrated for several different concentrations, and incorporate an internal wireless control system. Our units are significantly more powerful and versatile than the $26,000+ HealOzone unit or $5K+ Lime Technologies units. It also runs on oxygen from its refillable tank and regulator (provided). You should be able to refill your own tank. Output is adjustable from max (used for caries sterilization, remineralization, treatment of lesions and perio purposes) to a calibrated low setting that is used to generate appropriate concentration gas for soft tissue injection.

We will set up making ozonated water and will do a very short introduction to oils. (The Therozone ($7K+) makes water at 4­9 mcg/ml; you should be able to achieve 16­20 mcg/ml with your system.) More detailed study of oil making will be available during our Advanced course, May 27­28.

Partial program:

Making and applying full­ and sectional­arch trays.

Ozone­activated accelerated tooth whitening.

Protocols for restorative, caries, perio, endo, oral surgery, lesions/oral medicine, TMD.

Remineralization.Minimally invasive dentistry. Reversing anesthetics. Safety and hygiene issues. Heat­free instrument sterilization.

Using a simple roll­about cart system.

A bit on economics and coding issues.

We will briefly demonstrate the Hach ozone concentration colorimetric measuring system as well as the Chemets test kit for checking ozonated water.

The system also comes with: Calibrated ozone generator putting out over 60 mcg/ml (HealOzone is 4.7) Small refillable oxygen tank suitable for roll­about cart or under­counter storage.

Pediatric regulator that can achieve the requisite 1/32 LPM flow rate.

Ozone catalytic converter to convert unused ozone back to oxygen.

Capabilities of generating ozonated water and ozonized oils.

Intertank transfer manifold to economically fill your small cylinder from a larger oxygen tank.

Safety trap.

Delivery handpieces: luer lock and cup types with thin bore hose.

Connectors and hosing, filter and diffusers.

Sample syringes and cannulae.

Samples of ozonated oils. (olive, jojoba/avocado)

Protocols manual.

DVD RAM disc with at least 2 GIG of study material, research and two e­books.

Appropriate clinical attire can be provided. You might want to bring loupes if you use them routinely.

Additional units, tanks and other equipment are also available. There's also an optional BIG manual of other material and research expanding the materials on the DVD RAM supplementary/research disc.

Participants should be able to actively use this modality immediately on return to their offices. For air travel, we can remove the valve from the

oxygen tanks and have not had any trouble shipping the equipment tubs as checked baggage. Yes, we can mail the whole tub if desired, but that’s not our recommendation. The sooner you start, the less you forget.

Location (and where you can send checks) The SmileStudio

William C. Domb, DMD 190 N Mountain Ave Upland CA 91786 USACan see a map on

Credit cards: send # and particulars to [can break into two parts if concerned about security]

Can also request a PayPal invoice. Just tell us the final amount you calculate.

909 981 6400 officeSpeak with Cindi

It is always best to ALSO communicate with Cindi McNamara, not just Bill.

909 981 7582 fax 909 946 6402 inside line 909 985 5165 home 909 292 7515 cell

Nearest airport is Ontario, about 10 minutes away. Accommodations range from moderate to elementary but clean. Let us know your preferences. We're around 45 minutes from downtown LA and Disneyland. The Mt. Baldy ski area is right behind

our house. Once you register, we’ll send more info.

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  1. John,

    We're going to have two more ozone courses this year at Bill's office in Upland. July 14/15 and Oct 21/22.
    Please let people know who are interested in learning ozone therapy.
    Thank you!

    Eric Zaremski, D.D.S.
    1000 So. Eliseo Dr #202
    Greenbrae, CA 94904