Friday, April 1, 2011

The Dental Enforcer?


As an April Fool's joke, Dentrix created a website about the fictional character "The Dental Enforcer".
The idea is that by going to the website you can watch a video about the enforcers less than ethical tactics to get patients to keep their appointments.
Then when you click on some of the menu links, the website appears to be "hijacked" by Dentrix and they explain why their way of patient reminders is so much better than the Enforcer's.
Controversial, you bet.  Most in the dental industry will find it funny.  Patients?  If I were a patient I don't think I'd find it humorous.  However, I'll let you be the judge then make a comment here on the blog.  I'd really like to hear what others think.



  1. John:
    As the person responsible for “The Dental Enforcer” marketing campaign, and as a dental patient, I’m honored to post the first comment to your forum. Using humor in advertising is always risky as some percentage of the audience will not find your content or delivery funny. In this case, debating whether patients will find “The Dental Enforcer” funny is sort of like debating whether they’ll find “The Three Stooges go to the Dentist” funny. Some like slapstick. Some find Moe’s lack of cool-headedness unnerving.

    This April Fool’s Day campaign was for dentists and staff, but I know of an Arizona dentist who, after seeing The Dental Enforcer video, used Facebook to “share” it with all of his patient fans. He thought his patients would find the video funny.

    As a dental patient, let me say that regardless of what we laugh at on Scrubs, House or Grey’s Anatomy, we see our doctors as they really are: caring, intelligent professionals who have the expertise – and some incredible new technology – to help us improve the quality of our lives.

    Here’s hoping you all got a chuckle on April 1st.

    Michael Allsop