Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ballparks Upgrade to Keep Fans Happy & Entertained

As the 2011 baseball season gets underway, I've got a spring in my step.  I flat out love baseball.

What has been a neat thing for me these past few years has been watching the influence of high tech on my beloved game.  Baseball is a game of memories and statistics that you can compare over the ages.  However, since about 2003 or so there has been a tremendous influx of high tech into that world and I find the way they go together fascinating.  Not to mention that many of these upgrades are in the scoreboard world which brings the fans more info on the games.


My beloved Kansas City Royals debuted a new look to their stadium a couple of years back introducing some nice upgrades including wifi that you can access for free.  This year continues the trend and CNN has a nice story about some of the advances.  Click here to read the full story on CNN.

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