Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sybron Endo Transitioning All Resilon to Real Seal

A couple of years ago, Sybron purchased Pentron Clinical Technologies. At the time, Pentron had developed an Endodontic obturation material called Resilon which they were selling under the name brand Epiphany.

The material is a synthetic which allows for bonded obturation. The sealer used is a self etching resin sealer which bonds to tooth structure and the points bond to the sealer. The advantage is that rather than using Gutta Percha and Glue, Resilon creates a true bonded obturation with much less leakage. It is also re-treatable using the same solvents used to re-treat cases obturated with Gutta Percha.

Sybron was very interested in the Resilon product and shortly after it was introduced by Pentron, Sybron began to buy it from Pentron and sell it under the name Real Seal.

The market for this product became a good one. So good, in fact, that a couple of years ago, Sybron purchased Pentron... mainly for the Resilon product rights.

Since the purchase, both companies have continued to sell the product, but now comes word from a high placed contact at Sybron, that they are phasing out the Epiphany brand & will sell Resilon exclusively as Real Seal.

This does not mean anything other than a name change.

Real Seal will continue to be available & continues to be a big part of Sybron Endo sales. The company is simply consolidating the product under one name.

I've been using bonded obturation for the past several years and I can tell you from personal experience it is a great benefit to my patients.

For more info on Real Seal, click here to visit Sybron Endo.

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  2. John
    Thanks for the scoop been wondering about the two and how similar they are. Purchasing for my office.
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