Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plug in Launcher for Android

Plugin launcher.png
This is a cool Android app that just makes things a little bit easier.  It allows you specify a program to run when you either plug your device in to charge or plug headphones into your device.
Here's the scoop:

This app provides a background service that will launch a specified app when the Power/USB cable and/or Headphone cable is connected to the device.

Tired before bed and want the Alarm clock app to launch when you plug it in to charge? Go ahead and plug it in... AND ITS THERE!

Out on a run and want to quickly launch your music player app? just plug in your headphones and click play!

Once installed, specify which applications you want to launch when either of the cables are connected.

There are two preferences; one for starting up this feature after a reboot, and one for displaying a dialog asking you to launch so it does not interrupt your current task.


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