Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Motorola Xoom has Arrived... The Comparisons Will Now Begin!

I ordered the Motorola Xoom tablet from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Atnthat point they were expecting delivery to be sometime this week. One thing I love about Amazon (actually there are a lot of things I love about Amazon) is that they tend to get things in earlier than expected. So... I was thrilled to get an email on Saturday saying my Xoom had shipped and would arrive on Monday.

I came home from the office tonight to find it waiting for me. Here are my first impressions:

The screen is amazing. Great brightness, great contrast.

On/off button is on the back which takes some getting used to. After a year with the iPad I'm used to where the controls are so maybe this is just a "getting used to" thing.

Stereo speakers & volume are terrific

Android Honeycomb is a blast. Since I use Google for my calendar & contacts, all I had to do was Enter my user name & password and within seconds, all of my info was on the device. It happened so fast it seemed like it was preloaded.

The OS is pretty straight forward & since I use Android on my Samsung Epic 4G, I'm very used to working with it.

Overall, after a very brief time with it, I'm impressed. I'll provide more info in a day or 2 after I've had a chance to seriously put it thru its paces.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get Lexi Mobile installed on it & see how it responds handling all of the data in that amazing app.

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  1. Looking forward to the next review - I'm really looking at this!

  2. Hi Theresa. Well after 3 days, Droid does!

    I'm impressed with the Xoom & have found to have some nice touches with tight integration with Google.

    You're still limited on apps & not even all Droid apps will work since this is running a new version of the OS called Honeycomb, but overall I'm pleased.

    The testing continues...

  3. How's the battery life compared to the iPad?

  4. Battery life appears to be about equal. It definitely isn't a noticeable difference. Heavy use all day does not drain the battery and that's really my way of ranking it.