Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kerr Launches SonicFill Posterior Restorations in Less Than Three Minutes

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a heads up to you readers about Kerr's new product called SonicFill. Today I got a press release dealing with the new product and thought I would share it with all of you...

ORANGE, CA – (Advance Release) April 1, 2011 - Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of technology for dental procedures has announced the launch of SonicFill, a first-of-its-kind, time-saving composite system that enables clinicians to perform posterior restorations with an easy-to-use, single-step, bulk fill technology that requires no additional composite capping layer. Dentists utilizing SonicFill can go from placement to polished in less than 3 minutes on cavities up to 5mm.

Kerr’s proprietary sonic activation within SonicFill’s delivery system dramatically lowers the viscosity of the composite during placement, providing superior adaptation. The SonicFill composite then immediately returns to a non-slumping, highly sculptable state that is easy to carve without being sticky. Outstanding mechanical properties, including superior strength, low shrinkage and high depth of cure, allow it to be placed in bulk increments up to 5mm so that dentists can use it with confidence in posterior restorations.

"We finally have a practical, efficient technique for placing posterior composites in one single, esthetic, bulk fill increment,” said Ron Jackson, DDS of Middleburg, VA. “SonicFill is a game changer."

“It’s truly rewarding to be able to offer the SonicFill system to the dental community because it is such a decidedly different and unique composite system that can dramatically save clinicians time,” said James Lobsenz, Kerr’s Product Manager. “And not only is SonicFill a tremendous time-saver, it has also proven, in a variety of third party clinical studies, to meet or exceed performance criteria when compared with either bulk fill flowables or traditional composites placed in layers. The initial feedback we’re receiving from the clinician community is extremely enthusiastic – we are excited to be making the system available and feel SonicFill will change the way composites are done and ultimately the way clinicians do dentistry”.

Kerr Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., is a manufacturer of premiere dental consumables. Advancing esthetic dentistry through education and sustainable solutions based on clinician input, Kerr has become synonymous with integrity for dental professionals worldwide.

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  1. This looks very promising. I'm looking forward to trying it out in my office. The easier to fill posterior teeth the better. Dentist Los Angeles