Sunday, March 13, 2011

Green Automotive Looks to Bring First all Electric SUV to US

As many of you loyal readers know, I purchased a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid a while back in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint.  I just felt it was the right thing to do.
If you're thinking of doing something similar & want to go all electric, take a look at the Zotye SUV from Green Automotive.
Check out these stats:
- Top speed up to 70 mph
- Range up to 150 miles
- 5 door, 4 seat
- Lithium Ion Battery
- 185,000 warranty on battery
- 3 Year 36,000 Mile warranty
- $35,995 MSRP
That's pretty sweet.  For all the details, head on over to the company website.

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