Monday, March 21, 2011

AT&T Buying T-Mobile for an Estimated 39 Billion

Meet the New Boss... same as the Old Boss. To diehard students of Geek History (like me) it seems like it was just last year that the Federal Government was breaking AT&T into little pieces. The concern of the feds was that the communication behemoth had gotten to the point of owning too much of the market. So, a breakup was ordered with a whole bunch of "baby bells" created.

Then, as we all know, AT&T... or what was left of it, began to buy up all those little pieces that were split off and reacquire them. Over the years AT&T grew once again it a huge communications juggernaut.

Now comes news that AT&T is becoming larger than ever before by purchasing wireless competitor T-Mobile for a rumored price of 39 billion from Deutche Telecom.

The purchase will leave only 3 wireless companies in the US. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will now be the 3 remaining in the ring.

AT&T has taken a lot of heat the past couple of years for their slow & unreliable network. Perhaps this will keep the focus away from that for a while.

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