Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zaggmate for iPad

We all looking for the next best thing & when it comes to the iPad, it does have some deficiencies that can be cured with a little help. One of these problems is the built-in soft keyboard.

The soft keyboard is "ok" as far as I'm concerned, but definitely not the best way to create a document or email. Apple even knew this as the have had Bluetooth keyboards available since the device hit the market. The problem with those is that they are one more thing to schlep around.

The folks at Zagg decided to try to remedy the "extra schlep" factor by creating a case & keyboard all in one. The Zaggmate is a brushed aluminum case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.

While the case really only is a cover that protects the screen, the Bluetooth keyboard is pretty nice. The keys are a bit small for my taste, but I adapted to it pretty quickly. It was easy to synch and the action on the keys is really nice.

It also has full iPod volume controls for keeping your music the way you like it while you type. Combine that with other keyboard controls for the iPad & the keyboard is a winner.

From the standpoint of the case, I definitely won't trade my Otterbox Defender for it. For everyday abuse, I'd much rather have the Otterbox with its all around protection of front, back, & all sides. However, when it comes to taking my iPad to a meeting where I'll be taking notes, I can definitely see me using the Zaggmate.

Heck, I've even typed this entire post using the Zaggmate.

Here is the link to the company webpage with all the details.

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