Friday, February 25, 2011

Ironman's Kor Water Bottle

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I've always loved Ironman.  From the time I was a little kid I've always had a special love of the story of Tony Stark and his invincible metal suit.  I grew up on comic books and I was always thrilled to get my hands on the latest Ironman issue.
So, needless to say, I was thrilled when Ironman began to hit the big screen.  Between the release of the first movie and Ironman 2 last fall I was also fortunate enough to purchase a BlueRay player.  One of my Christmas presents this year was a BlueRay copy of Ironman 2 and I'd been dying to see it, but my schedule was just too darn busy.  So a couple of weekends ago I finally got a moment of free time on a Saturday and settled down to watch.
As a diehard geek (and a dental one at that), there were 2 scenes that really caught my eye.  One was early in the movie where Ivan Vanko is working on his Whiplash suit.  There is a scene where, as he builds, he exposes some of the parts to a blue light from a "ray gun" looking device.  It's only on screen for perhaps a second or 2 but I immediately recognized it as a Kerr LE Demetron curing light!
The other scene is where Tony Stark is in his home workshop and is drinking his life saving potion from a decidedly high tech looking bottle.  The bottle immediately caught my eye.  In one of those geeky moments that I love so much, I paused the movie.  A quick Google search for "Ironman Bottle" immediately gave me a ton of hits on a company called Kor.  Another quick Amazon search told me they were in stock.  Inside of 2 days, my own Kor One water bottle was in my possession.
This thing is just flat out cool.  It looks great and has a sealed pop-top with a release button.
The company also has a social conscience.  There are several different colors of bottles, each supporting a different environmental/social cause.  A percentage of your purchase price is donated to a charity supporting the cause your bottle champions.

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