Monday, February 21, 2011

Econokeys Sealed Keyboards - Evaluation Complete

For a little over a month now I've been using & tinkering with the EKW-105 Wireless Medical Keyboard from Econokeys.

When we began the evaluation, I gave the rundown on why sealed keyboards are such a great idea in medicine. The original blog post is here & explains the pluses & minuses of keyboards in clinical situations.

Well, since the original post I've used the keyboard in a variety of situations and can now tell you the device has performed well no matter the computer, situation, or disinfectant.

I can even see these keyboards performing well in environments where disinfectants aren't a concern, but dust & grime are (such as machine shops or similar situations). Having a keyboard sealed to prevent damage by cleaning solutions would also be an advantage to keeping dust, dirt, & grime out.

Given that the device I tested was under $200, I feel there are plenty of places where these could be put to good use.

The device performed exceptionally well. The keys have good action, the trackpad is very responsive, and the fact the device is sealed *and* affordable makes this one a winner. This device gets my highest recommendation!!!

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