Thursday, February 10, 2011

ClearVue Sealant allows you to Use Digital Diagnostic Devices

For those of you who are using some type of digital diagnostic devices to look for caries, here's good news.  Denali corporation has announced ClearVue Sealant and Sealer.  The product allows devices, like the Kavo Diagnodent, to see under & around the sealant material without the risk of false positives.
Here is the press release:


Denali Announces

ClearVUE Pit & Fissure Sealant and Sealer

Denali Corporation is excited announce ClearVue Clear Sealant and Sealer to their successful sealant line, which includes AURA Vue Clear, AURA Lay Opaque and AURA Lay XF 5% NaFl Sealant.  The addition of ClearVUE Sealant expands Denali's clear sealant campaign of "Keeping an Eye on Your Dental Health", which promotes the use of clear sealants to be able to see beneath sealants. ClearVUE’s clear translucent, color stable composition, allows for long-term clinical diagnosis of carious conditions around and beneath a sealed area. ClearVUE contains no solvents, is fluoride releasing, and will cure with all dental lights. ClearVUE works in a dry, as well as, a moist field.  and is FDA approved for use with caries diagnostic devices.

For details, contact Denali Corporation at 781-826-9190, www.denalicorporation, or contact your dental dealer.

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