Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working & the NFL Playoffs - Can They Coexist?

Today I'll be spending the day reviewing and finalizing my 5 (that's right 5) lectures that I'll be giving at the Yankee Dental Congress this week.  Of course the problem with that is that the NFL Playofs are today too.  What's a sports fan to do?

Well, fortunately for me, I have a bit of tech to help me along.

While I'll be working away on my MacBook Pro, I'll also be using an extra 19" monitor that allows me to have 2 screens.   Studies have shown that people who use 2 screens are a minimum of 20% more efficient.  I'll gladly attest to that.  When I'm on the road and forced to use just the screen on my Mac, it feels like I'm typing with only one hand or something.

Add to that the fact that I have a Windows machine in my home office that is also set up with 2 monitors.  One of them is an Exorvision 17" with a cable TV connection.  That allows me to have the games up (and muted unfortunately), but i can, with the push of a remote, switch it back to computer if need be to do some research.  Oh, and since that monitor will have a browser open, I'll also have the ESPN live game feed open so if the TV is off, game progress can still be followed.  Even with the monitor in TV mode, the other monitor will have Tweetdeck up to keep me updated of the info coming in from my Twitter buddies and Facebook friends.

It won't be like sitting  on a comfy couch and watching the game in surround sound, but it's far better than the alternative!

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