Monday, January 17, 2011

Verizon to Sell iPad with a Connection to its Network

Fresh on the heels of the announcement that Verizon will soon have the iPhone, comes news that it will soon have the iPad as well.


For a while now, Verizon has been promoting buying the WiFi only iPad and then connecting it via wireless WiFi broadband hotspot (which is exactly what I'm doing on the Sprint network).  However, now comes the news that Verizon will actually be able to sell an iPad with an onboard chip that will allow the device to connect directly to Verizon's high speed network, just like the current model available only on AT&T.  It's looking more and more like there will be no difference at all between the devices available from the 2 competing companies.


While this news is confirmed by Verizon's CFO in an article appearing from Bloomberg, there is no indication as to exactly when this will be available.

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