Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 15 Free Android Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals Top 15 Free Android Medical apps for Healthcare professionals

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I can remember when the Android Operating System for mobile phones was announced.  Sure, it was designed by Google, but still... a Google mobile phone?  What does Google know about phones anyway?  However, once Android phones hit the market, there was a steady stream of successful devices and users began to really like the way they worked.
The result?  Just about 3 years later, Android is a serious player in the smartphone market.  Heck, I was a doubter at first and now I'm carrying an Android device and couldn't be happier.
One of the ways you can tell a platform has staying power is by the number of useful apps it has.  To that end, Apple is the 800 pound gorilla, but Android is chugging along with a very nice second place.  The Android Market Place has tons of apps.  Some of these are even very specific to certain professions.

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