Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Hands-On Courses at Chicago’s CEE


Cosmedent’s Center for Esthetic Excellence (CEE) announces its new course schedule for 2011. The CEE features the most comprehensive courses in direct resin bonding and offers unique lecture/hands on programs designed to enhance your clinical skills and help you grow your practice in this economically challenging time. Increase your success with composite with these courses: Ultimate Esthetics, Accreditation Case Type 5 and Transitional Bonding. In addition to these popular 2 and 3 day classes, the CEE is now offering highly focused, 3 hour courses on incisal translucency and tooth shaping and contouring for maximum learning in minimal time. For information on any of the courses at the CEE, contact Erika Heier at

800-837-2321 or online at

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