Sunday, January 30, 2011

Impressions from the Yankee Dental Congress

I returned home late last night from New England where I was honored to be asked to give 5 lectures at the Yankee Dental Congress. The weather didn't cooperate much this year with the opening day, Thursday, being dealt a 10 inch snowfall overnight. That meant schools were cancelled and many attendees were forced to stay home due to the school closings & driving conditions. As proof of that, I arrived at the convention center on Thursday morning in a snow plow as I was unable to find a cab... but that's another whole post.

The weather definitely affected attendance on Thursday, especially in the morning, but the afternoon showed increased attendance. Friday was crazy with vendors reporting brisk sales and lots of booth traffic. Saturday was lighter which is usually expected on the last day of a meeting, especially one where a city was still digging out of the snow.

One of the highlights of the show was the Technology Playground organized and manned by my buddy Dr. Paul Feuerstein. Paul spent a good deal of time in the playground showing & talking about the latest tech with vendors there showing their wares. It's definitely an idea I can see being picked up by other major meetings.


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