Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HP May unveil WebOS Tablet on February 9th

When the Consumer Electronics Show ended without an announcement from HP on its rumored tablet, some people didn't know what to think. This past CES really seemed to be a tablet centered event and lots of companies were showing off their new devices.

When HP purchased Palm last year, rumors swirled regarding the reason for the acquisition. HP had already been making hand held devices and moved on from them. What would they want with a company that was making smartphones? Then the speculation began that it wasn't about the phones, it was about the OS that ran the phones. WebOS could hold a lot of promise for a lot of different portable devices.

The next round of rumors related to a new tablet device that HP would be bringing to market. It would run, of course, WebOS. So when the CES wrapped up with no HP announcement, there was confusion.

Now comes word that on February 9th, HP will have an event centered on the WebOS software. My money is on them announcing their tablet at that time. I owned a Palm Pre WebOS smartphone for a while. The OS seems robust and truly allows for multitasking. This might be just the thing to shake up the market. However, it's got to be more stable and faster than what I experienced in the phone. Here's hoping they get it right.

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