Thursday, January 13, 2011

EconoKeys Sealed Medical Keyboard

Cross contamination is always an issue in healthcare.  Surface disinfection is a constant and ongoing process and with the proliferation of computers into treatment areas, keyboard disinfection is important.  Unfortunately, almost all keyboards are not built to stand the rigors of the chemicals we use to make sure cross contamination doesn't occur.  Because of that, most offices are either using some type of barrier to isolate their keyboards or are using disinfection solutions with the knowledge that keyboard life will be severely shortened.  Oh, and what about the mouse?
As a solution to this problem, EconoKeys has created the  EKW-105 Wireless Medical Keyboard. This device is a totally sealed keyboard that can be sprayed and wiped down with no risk of damage to the internal components.  As the picture above shows, the device is pretty much impervious to liquids.
It is a full sized QWERTY keyboard with an integrated track pad and a 10 key.  The keys have good action and the range of 10 meters is great for a dental environment.
Here are the specs:
Fully sealed IP68 keypad
2.4 GHz wireless USB technology
Integrated touchpad with left- and right- click keys
105 keys, including 12 function keys
Full size, 10-key numeric pad
• Compatible with all Windows operating systems
• Operates on two AAA batteries (included)
13.70” x 5.59” x 0.59” (from top of battery compartment)
348 x 142 x 15 (mm)
I've seen similar devices priced at $400 yet the EKW-105 is available for $176.  The company has lots of different models, check them out here.

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