Friday, January 21, 2011

Dragontrail from Asahi Glass-Making Smartphones Tougher


Our devices, despite our best efforts, take a beating.  Heck think of the world wide market for cell phone, iPod, and iPad cases.  There are millions of dollars being spent on them.  I own one of each of the aforementioned devices and each one of them has a case that cost more than just a couple of bucks.
Now from Japan comes an announcement from the country's largest glass maker.  It seems Asahi Glass has developed an amazingly tough glass formula they are calling Dragontrail.  The idea is simple in nature, but complicated to create.  The picture above is the best demonstration.  A glass that can resist scratching despite the rigors of everyday life like purses, keys, etc.
The only competitor is from Corning who introduced Gorilla glass in 2008.  Several manufacturers are rumored to be using Gorilla Glass although Corning will not divulge who they might be.
However, Asahi feels the global market is enough to support 2 companies in the "tough glass" market.  With the substances being used in cell phones, tablet devices, and high end televisions, industry analysts are estimating the global revenue may be upward of 1 billion dollars.  That's a lot of cash.
According to the company Dragontrail " multiple times stronger than soda-lime glass commonly used in windows, resists scratches and has a "beautiful, pristine" finish."
I'm personally all for anything that keeps my devices from getting beaten up...


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