Saturday, January 29, 2011

CAO Group Brings Years of Experience to Dental - Although You've Never Heard of Them

At the ADA in Orlando, I had a chance to meet and spend some time with folks from the CAO Group.  While you may not have heard of CAO group you've almost certainly used at least some of their products.  How you ask?  Because over the years they've been making products for some pretty large dental manufacturers which were then rebranded under the manufacturer's name.
CAO holds or has applied for 150 patents.  And, over the years, has made some very innovative products for their partners.  Now they've decided to step into the dental market on their own.
Their premier product at this time is "Sheer White" which, as the name indicates, is a whitening product.  It's a strip type product that uses carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent.  What really sets this product apart though is the material the strip is made of.  Unlike other products in this category, Sheer White has an amazing adhesive property, allowing it to literally "stick" to the tooth.  The product doesn't slide around, doesn't get the whitening material all over the mouth, and is so thin it is very easy to tolerate.  They have similar products for desensitivity (Sheer Desenz) and fluoride (Sheer Fluorx).
CAO Group also has several other products including curing lights and a diode laser that should be on the market in the first half of 2011.
Their products are exclusively available through Henry Schein.

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